Welcome to the VSPC Galleria

The VSPC  Galleria has decided to make it’s collection available for all the pattern purists out there.   For the many reasons for wanting to sew with vintage sewing patterns we can try and help with what we have to make your garment beautiful and special.   It’s a special feeling working with things from the past like a glimpse of what once was. For those of you who can’t find your size out there in the digital world, or just don’t have the space to keep them all, if we have it you are welcome to borrow / check out the pattern to trace and adjust to your specific measurements. Dressmakers or seamstresses in search of a style to fit your clients vision outside of modern fashion we might have it for you.

We also host “Patterns Helping Patterns” which gives incomplete patterns a home in hopes to complete another to preserve them for future use.  If you have unprinted pattern pieces that look like blank pieces of paper to you we will take them along with all other orphaned pieces. They will be paired up with their matching patterns for safe keeping when duplicate patterns are donated to make a whole complete pattern. It happens more than you think.

What is featured in the VSPC Galleria:

  • Envelope front and back.
  • Dates of patterns if available here or verified by catalog reference or other publications.
  • Pattern pieces image incase you want to see if your pieces match the actual pattern you have.

Note: While viewing the galleries of photos, to ZOOM IN click the “View full size” link at the bottom right under the photo. The image is very clear to view and read further.

We operate like a regular Circulating Library.

A small history on other circulating libraries and what they are here .

Purchasing or borrowing patterns:

If the patterns copyright is expired or the company name is defunct, you may purchase a copy of it. Purchasing prices vary depending on decade, style, number of pieces involved. If it’s not and is still in copyright you may BORROW a copy of it to use for a week then return our copy. Both options have a “Non Historian” and “Pattern Historian Highlights” option.

Non Historian: You receive the pattern, instructions, and scanned envelope picture front and back.

Pattern Historian Highlights: If we have counter catalogs its featured in you get those scans as well. You do have an option of printed or we can send them digitally.

VSPC Galleria Membership :

Sew Speedy Weekly : $15 (non historian) $25 ( Pattern Historian highlights)

Allowed one pattern to borrow for a week then return.

  • Price includes return shipping label.
  • Instruction sheets are digital and emailed to you.
  • You have one week to return the pattern. (You get to keep the printed pattern envelope scans.)
  • Delinquent fees still apply.

Loan periods / Policy

  • Pattern must be returned in the condition you received it in using the provided return shipping label.
  • The library offers one business day of grace with regards to over due patterns.
  • You may request more days if needed provided there is not another person waiting for it.
  • We do charge the actual cost of the pattern if it goes missing or for whatever reason it is not returned to us.
  • Credit card information is requested on registration forms as well as PayPal address.

You may request registration forms through our contact page HERE and indicate which plan suits you.






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