Pattern Pieces / Pricing

If you have made it here, you are looking to complete your beloved sewing pattern either vintage or modern. We can try our best to help.

First, do we have it? If you have not found it on this website listed, it does not mean we don’t have it, it’s probably not listed yet and you may ask through out contact page here.

When requesting please include the assigned pattern number in bold black and specific the pieces(s) you are needing.

We can look and see if we do and not listed yet.

Second, if we do not have it, someone out there might. We made a facebook group for you to make a post and another may help you complete it.

Feel free to join VSPC Lost and Found.

How much are pattern pieces?

We recommend PDF but other files are available. With this you print on your own or elsewhere. The PDF can be printed at 100% but cropping within Adobe does distort the image. The files are sent with printing piece by piece in mind to minimize printing more pages or pieces unnecessary at the time.

We can accommodate most large pattern pieces in scanning.

A bunch of little interfacing, pocket pieces, or jacket type interfacings group scan regardless of pattern company $2.00 . A size dimension for scanning is not mentioned like a printing service because asking for one single little pocket or facing is not $2.00 , it’s more like $0.25 .

Large main pattern pieces such as gored skirt pieces, pant leg, or one piece dress pieces are $4.00 .

Instructions sheets are $1.00 per sheet both sides.