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McCall’s STEP – BY – STEP Sewing Patterns

For those of you wanting to learn to sew, I recommend starting with simple patterns. The most simple patterns to learn from are McCall’s STEP – BY – STEP sewing patterns from the 1960’s and 1970’s. They are literally “step by step” as indicated on the envelopes. In my opinion they don’t get enough credit out there in pattern land and in the sewing world when they can teach you a lot as a beginner.

The graphics used in the directions provided are pretty clear and simple as well. Several styles are available with explanations on how to put them together and not too time consuming either. We have provided pictures so you can see they are not as intimidating as more advanced patterns, but with some practice on cheaper fabrics, with these you can branch out to more advanced styles.

For those of you who have not seen the inside of the directions don’t let the size of the pattern sheets deter you from trying them. The graphics are vintage and make it quite fun to work with resulting in a fun wardrobe to feel confident about because you made it yourself. Look how cute they are. 🙂

And as always, if you have some of these that are incomplete, don’t hesitate to inquire if we have it even if it’s not listed on the site. We may have it and it’s not uploaded it yet to get your pattern completed. Happy sewing patterners a.k.a Pattern Nerds.


Patterns Helping Patterns Completes Another…

We’ve done it again!!

Another complete pattern by two separate donations of an identical size. Both are in various conditions but put together make a complete one in great condition.   McCall’s 8885 will be repaired so there will be two in circulation.

Notice the differences in tissue paper and the ink color for waist size indicated.  Also very pleased the instructions are in good condition for both of them.

As always keep up the good work preserving vintage sewing patterns for our future generations to appreciate as well.

Happy Sewing 🙂

Halloween Pattern Contest for October

It’s Halloween time Pattern Nerds!   For all of you out there tearing into your fabric stashes you’ve been saving that fabric for.

We Sewing Pattern Nerds are holding a Vintage Pattern Costume Contest in our FaceBook book Vintage Sewing Pattern Nerds . You do need to be a part of the group to participate .

Rules are as follows:
–One entry per person
–One vote per person
–Pattern must be an original you currently own. No reproductions.
–Pattern drafting magazines welcome. You must provide the magazine photo as well as the drafting sheet photo. This is the only entry requiring 2 pics for an entry.
–To vote you must comment VOTE in the picture comment. Clicking like is not a vote.

The winner will be announced October 25 on a Thursday.

The prize for the winner is an original page from a McCall June 1931 pattern counter catalog.

( click the cover photo to view the catalog)

While we were scanning the catalog we did find a duplicate catalog page and would love for it to go to a Pattern Nerd who would appreciate it and give it a new home.  The pages are 229 , 230 , 231 , and 232 .  Some Nerd Moments are included below. The winner will receive one of the pages.

Enjoy the contest. Happy sewing Nerds!!



Vintage Pattern Tissue Repair

Hello again sewing pattern archivists. As collectors and the preservers of sewing patterns, we also need to be knowledgeable in antique document repairs and various products available to achieve it. Such as the pattern pictured above: McCall 3076. We have all seen some like this and put them away to never be touched for fear of it falling apart in your bare hands.  In this step – by – step tutorial we will simulate a tissue repair with some extra tissue paper from a 1970’s pattern. The product used is Lineco Neutral pH Adhesive. When applied doesn’t necessarily make the tissue “soggy” enough to tear if applied with a small light paint brush.  This may be more pictures than needed but enough to get the just of it. Lets begin…

So far this looks like a less bulkier method than tape. Almost like your doing dry wall in a house. The glue dries fast but not fast like super glue, and can be undone with with water if you make a mistake. Id suggest to dilute the glue with water to unseal when dried because just water alone will tear the tissue.

Another week we will try another document repair product. Till then….Happy Patterning Nerds !!


June Vintage Sewing Pattern Contest “Four Pieces or Less”

The VSPC Galleria has monthly sewing pattern contests because like, you we are pattern hoarders and it’s nice to bring them out here and there to share your passion with others.

This months theme is “Four Pieces or Less” . Look through your patterns and pick one you’d like to submit made from 4 pattern pieces or less. To participate you must enter your pattern in our FaceBook group Vintage Sewing Pattern Nerds . We have an album set up to upload your entry.

Cover pattern for the contest album this month is Style 1992 from the early 1930’s. Not a submission but an example of what can be submitted made from 4 pieces. Dig through your stash Nerds! Happy Patterning 🙂

Mail Order Sewing Patterns Sold to Multiple Retailers…

Hello Sewing Patterns Nerds!

For those who are unaware the archive does have a “Bland Envelope Project” we are working on to bring more life to mail order patterns. For all the vintage sewing pattern purists regarding pattern design / style migration through the ages, one pattern may have been sold to multiple pattern sellers through mail order. We have some examples to show you how important it is to save the mail order envelope they come with because it does contain some vital information to help with dating and what company issued it. Such as Pattern company / brand , sometimes a date , which magazine it was ordered from with a logo of which patterns they are offering that season.


Sometimes we go searching to put a face to a name and find many , many faces and names.

First up is Mail Order 5272  Blouse in two versions. Recently spotted in  True Story Spring of 1940 Mail Order catalog and only featured one style in addition to another assigned pattern number B-3062. Happily with a colored graphic  🙂

We add both numbers in its page listing to help with either version the collector may have in their internet search to help with dating.


Secondly we have Marian Martin 5770 spotted in a newspaper clipping and The Household magazine 1937 giving it two additional assigned pattern numbers 9622 and H6505  also included on its listing page for which ever version the collector may have.


We do ask if you have any empty mail order envelopes missing it’s original pattern to save it within your own collection or send it in. We do reimburse shipping.

Happy Patterning 🙂


Patterns Helping Patterns…

McCall 7408 Sizes 14 and 18 are now complete thanks to a Pattern Nerd.

This one was a tricky one to find but did surface in one of our Pattern Nerd groups on FaceBook. The instructions were missing and not only did we get that, but an additional size as well! Complete patterns helping incomplete patterns to help preserve them for future reference.