About The VSPC Galleria

The VSPC Galleria hosts “Patterns Helping Patterns” which gives incomplete patterns a home in hopes to complete another to preserve them for future use.  If you have unprinted pattern pieces that look like blank pieces of paper to you we will take them along with all other orphaned pieces. They will be paired up with their matching patterns for safe keeping when duplicate patterns are donated to make a whole complete pattern. It happens more than you think.

What is featured in the VSPC Galleria:

  • Envelope front and back
  • Dates of patterns if available here or verified by catalog reference or other publications.
  • Sewing Pattern Catalogs scanned page by page
  • Vintage fashion catalogs from various ready to wear or mail order catalogs
  • Pattern pieces image incase you want to see if your pieces match the actual pattern you have. (Pieces need dating to)

Note: While viewing the galleries of photos, to ZOOM IN click the “View full size” link at the bottom right under the photo. The image is very clear to view and read further.

What we offer: 

Replacement pieces to your pattern(s) to make them complete again either for your personal collection or if your reselling it to a new owner. If its posted on this site you are welcome to request pieces to replace yours. in various digital file forms : TIFF – JPEG – PDF ect.. As well as we can have them printed for you and mailed to you.

What we are looking for:

  • In great condition pattern envelope scans front and back.
  • Pattern / Envelope scans of mail order patterns. Including their mailing envelopes.

They can be from your personal collection to help us with mystery mail order patterns donated.

If your personal pattern collection has in great condition pattern envelopes we would greatly appreciate scanned photos of them. Most patterns donated here have envelopes in the worst condition and would love to have some digital ones to recreate them. We do have an image waiver form for you to fill out if you’d like to donate pattern scans. You can request one through our contact page. Please indicate thats what you are requesting.