About The VSPC Galleria

To help The VSPC with funding we give you the VSPC Galleria digital library.  It has additional scans of the patterns in the archive here. Incomplete patterns donated  are scanned front and back as well as the instruction sheets front and back. If featured in catalogs available  those scans are included as research and uploading progresses. The site changes weekly as the patterns are counted and  inventoried. The VSPC Galleria is a PAID MONTHLY MEMBERSHIP digital library.

To view the Galleria is $15 a month and is non recurring . The payment is for 30 days from the time you pay, and there is no contract. You pay for the month you view.

What is featured in the VSPC Galleria:

  • Envelope front and back
  • Instruction sheets front and back — indicated if not available or not included standardly initially.
  • Dates of patterns if available here or verified by catalog reference or other publications.
  • Sewing Pattern Catalogs scanned page by page
  • Vintage fashion catalogs from various ready to wear or mail order catalogs

Note: While viewing the galleries of photos, to ZOOM IN click the “View full size” link at the bottom right under the photo. The image is very clear to read further.

Please be warned , this is a “rabbit hole” site once you get in there.

Happy Patterning 🙂