McCall’s STEP – BY – STEP Sewing Patterns

For those of you wanting to learn to sew, I recommend starting with simple patterns. The most simple patterns to learn from are McCall’s STEP – BY – STEP sewing patterns from the 1960’s and 1970’s. They are literally “step by step” as indicated on the envelopes. In my opinion they don’t get enough credit out there in pattern land and in the sewing world when they can teach you a lot as a beginner.

The graphics used in the directions provided are pretty clear and simple as well. Several styles are available with explanations on how to put them together and not too time consuming either. We have provided pictures so you can see they are not as intimidating as more advanced patterns, but with some practice on cheaper fabrics, with these you can branch out to more advanced styles.

For those of you who have not seen the inside of the directions don’t let the size of the pattern sheets deter you from trying them. The graphics are vintage and make it quite fun to work with resulting in a fun wardrobe to feel confident about because you made it yourself. Look how cute they are. 🙂

And as always, if you have some of these that are incomplete, don’t hesitate to inquire if we have it even if it’s not listed on the site. We may have it and it’s not uploaded it yet to get your pattern completed. Happy sewing patterners a.k.a Pattern Nerds.