Halloween Pattern Contest for October

It’s Halloween time Pattern Nerds!   For all of you out there tearing into your fabric stashes you’ve been saving that fabric for.

We Sewing Pattern Nerds are holding a Vintage Pattern Costume Contest in our FaceBook book Vintage Sewing Pattern Nerds . You do need to be a part of the group to participate .

Rules are as follows:
–One entry per person
–One vote per person
–Pattern must be an original you currently own. No reproductions.
–Pattern drafting magazines welcome. You must provide the magazine photo as well as the drafting sheet photo. This is the only entry requiring 2 pics for an entry.
–To vote you must comment VOTE in the picture comment. Clicking like is not a vote.

The winner will be announced October 25 on a Thursday.

The prize for the winner is an original page from a McCall June 1931 pattern counter catalog.

( click the cover photo to view the catalog)

While we were scanning the catalog we did find a duplicate catalog page and would love for it to go to a Pattern Nerd who would appreciate it and give it a new home.  The pages are 229 , 230 , 231 , and 232 .  Some Nerd Moments are included below. The winner will receive one of the pages.

Enjoy the contest. Happy sewing Nerds!!