Vintage Pattern Tissue Repair

Hello again sewing pattern archivists. As collectors and the preservers of sewing patterns, we also need to be knowledgeable in antique document repairs and various products available to achieve it. Such as the pattern pictured above: McCall 3076. We have all seen some like this and put them away to never be touched for fear of it falling apart in your bare hands.  In this step – by – step tutorial we will simulate a tissue repair with some extra tissue paper from a 1970’s pattern. The product used is Lineco Neutral pH Adhesive. When applied doesn’t necessarily make the tissue “soggy” enough to tear if applied with a small light paint brush.  This may be more pictures than needed but enough to get the just of it. Lets begin…

So far this looks like a less bulkier method than tape. Almost like your doing dry wall in a house. The glue dries fast but not fast like super glue, and can be undone with with water if you make a mistake. Id suggest to dilute the glue with water to unseal when dried because just water alone will tear the tissue.

Another week we will try another document repair product. Till then….Happy Patterning Nerds !!