McCall’s STEP – BY – STEP Sewing Patterns

For those of you wanting to learn to sew, I recommend starting with simple patterns. The most simple patterns to learn from are McCall’s STEP – BY – STEP sewing patterns from the 1960’s and 1970’s. They are literally “step by step” as indicated on the envelopes. In my opinion they don’t get enough credit… Read More

Here Comes the Bride … …

All dressed in white….. We would like to give a big THANK YOU to Back Room Finds   –  Back Room Finds Etsy for thinking of us regarding Butterick 4521. It’s so amazing when exact duplicates come together to make whole. It happens more often than you think. If you have this pattern and need some… Read More

Patterns Helping Patterns Completes Another…

We’ve done it again!! Another complete pattern by two separate donations of an identical size. Both are in various conditions but put together make a complete one in great condition.   McCall’s 8885 will be repaired so there will be two in circulation. Notice the differences in tissue paper and the ink color for waist size indicated…. Read More

Halloween Pattern Contest for October

It’s Halloween time Pattern Nerds!   For all of you out there tearing into your fabric stashes you’ve been saving that fabric for. We Sewing Pattern Nerds are holding a Vintage Pattern Costume Contest in our FaceBook book Vintage Sewing Pattern Nerds . You do need to be a part of the group to participate . Rules… Read More

Vintage Pattern Tissue Repair

Hello again sewing pattern archivists. As collectors and the preservers of sewing patterns, we also need to be knowledgeable in antique document repairs and various products available to achieve it. Such as the pattern pictured above: McCall 3076. We have all seen some like this and put them away to never be touched for fear… Read More

June Vintage Sewing Pattern Contest “Four Pieces or Less”

The VSPC Galleria has monthly sewing pattern contests because like, you we are pattern hoarders and it’s nice to bring them out here and there to share your passion with others. This months theme is “Four Pieces or Less” . Look through your patterns and pick one you’d like to submit made from 4 pattern… Read More

Mail Order Sewing Patterns Sold to Multiple Retailers…

Hello Sewing Patterns Nerds! For those who are unaware the archive does have a “Bland Envelope Project” we are working on to bring more life to mail order patterns. For all the vintage sewing pattern purists regarding pattern design / style migration through the ages, one pattern may have been sold to multiple pattern sellers through… Read More

Patterns Helping Patterns…

McCall 7408 Sizes 14 and 18 are now complete thanks to a Pattern Nerd. This one was a tricky one to find but did surface in one of our Pattern Nerd groups on FaceBook. The instructions were missing and not only did we get that, but an additional size as well! Complete patterns helping incomplete… Read More